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From the makers of famous Al-Rehab Perfumery of the Middle East comes this Oud Bakhour (Agarwood Dust), Al-Rehab's unique blend of agarwood dust. A very strong scented Oud incense. Burn in charcoal for a beautiful long lasting fragrance. Display packaged with a stay-fresh covered glass bowl. 50gms Spoon included. Manufactured in Saudi Arabia. Ingredients Agarwood - Dehnwood Santal -Amber Rose - Zafran To be burned on a small piece of hot coal or on an electric incense burner It is traditional to burn incense in the house and outside as it adds a beautiful fragrance to the dwelling. How to Use Take a piece of burning charcoal and heat a corner of it with a small flame(lighter/ cooker) for about 60 seconds until it becomes red hot. Place the piece of coal in incense burner Sit back as the beautiful fragrance fills the room

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