The company is based in and operates from Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). Al Hussein Perfumes and Beauty carries the widest selections of fragrance products in North America.
Al Hussein Perfumes and Beauty was launched in 2005 when the first store was opened at the intersection of Pillsbury and Lake Streets in Minneapolis, MN.
Since its opening, we have experienced an unprecedented growth with a wide customer base in the whole of North America.
As we grow and expand to meet the demands of our customers, we continue to add more and newer products every day.
Some of the popular products with our customers include: Bakhoor, Arabian Attar, Attar Mukhallat, Attar Spray, Arabian Perfume, and Arabian Air Fresheners among so many others.
In addition to selling in retail, we also provide wholesale services for our customers in North America and Europe. Besides delivering our products, we
also have Online shopping where our customers can make orders from the comforts of their homes/businesses.
At AlHussein’s, you are assured of an affordable and timely service. We are here to serve you.